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Eurotunnel and LPG / Gas

The following information has been taken from the Eurotunnel website and although we try our best to keep this information up to date, we cannot guarantee that this information is current. Please check the Eurotunnel site which can be accessed by clicking here

Important Information

Eurotunnel allow you to transport gas containers that power domestic services (cooking, heating and refrigeration etc) for caravans, campervans and vehicles fitted out as a campervan but there are restrictions on the size and volume of gas you can take. Please check here to make sure you are meet the Eurotunnel conditions

LPG or equivalent flammable gas and dual powered vehicles (i.e. vehicles fitted with an LPG or equivalent tank as an alternative fuel) cannot travel by Eurotunnel


Gas is limited to 47kg (or 93 litres)

Maximum filling rate is 80%

When travelling gas must be switched off

Using gas is strictly forbidden whilst travelling