Tank Mounting Cradles & Frames

Tank Mounting Frames

Our custom build tank mounting cradles have a unique design and are only available through Autogas Leisure.


We take the fitting of LPG tanks very seriously and as such we have designed our own, unique mounting systems to suit particular applications.

Working with a local engineering firm we first use Computer Aided Design to draw up the initial cradle we are looking to design. We check over the cradle in 3D format and work closely with an engineer to build the cradle using laser cut steel plate and folding which ensures accurate dimensions, reduced welded joints and provide the lightest cradle possible.

Once an initial prototype is fabricated the cradle design and application is sent over to an engineering consultant for stress calculations to be done to ensure we meet EU guidelines.

As an example, the regulation for mounting a tank in the direction of travel is 20G (twenty times the tank weight with LPG). The Autogas 2000 Leisure cradle exceeds this with a typical cradle being able to withstand 32G in the direction of travel. This gives a factor of safety of 3.2 for a pair of cradles over the industry regulation R67. Once fully tested, and the cradle design has been approved, we then issue a Certificate of Conformity for each of the designs.

The cradles are then fabricated, cleaned and powder coated on the production line before they are ready for dispatch.

The list of purpose made cradles is continuously growing and currently includes applications for Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen. We also offer a generic flat to floor mounting cradle for applications such as Mercedes Sprinter , VW LT where there is suitable space for tank mounting to the vehicle steel floor.

Our tank mounting cradles are ideal for panel van convertors, as well as aftermarket retrofitting allowing simple mounting of the LPG tank cradle to the vehicle structure in either pre or post conversion and still be able to fit or remove the LPG tank.

For further details of our under-floor LPG tank mounting cradles please contact us direct.

Refillable LPG solutions for the Motorhome

Autogas Leisure offer unique refillable gas options for the leisure market taking the effort out of handling or exchanging gas bottles while touring. Whether it is a trade enquiry for a manufacturer, or an end user installation in our Thirsk workshops we have a refreshing approach to your LPG storage requirements.