Gaslow Test Hose buy back offer

The Gaslow 01-4999 test hose with gauge is used to test a system installation for gas tightness. The hose is connected to the filler point and an external gas cylinder. The system is pressurised with the external cylinder and locked off, using the gauge attached to the test hose you can then see if the system stays stable and a tightness test achieved. Kit comes with a propane easy fit adaptor for connecting to propane cylinders.


If you purchase components and the test hose from us, once you have tested your system you can return the test hose back to us and we will refund the cost less £10 (postage at your expense). This way you know your system is gas tight but don’t need the expense of kit you may not use again.

Free Leak Detection Spray Offer

When you purchase a new system from us we will send you a 250ml bottle of leak detection spray free of charge.

Used Refillable Cylinders

We occasionally have customers ask if they can trade in their old refillable cylinders, when upgrading their system or changing vans. Depending on their age and condition we will purchase these then offer them on again to customers at lower prices than new.

Contact us to ask if we have secondhand cylinders in stock or if you have refillable cylinders you would like to sell.