Gaslow LPG Refillable Cylinders

The Gaslow R67 refillable LPG cylinders are one of the safest, most reliable bottles on the market! Each time you fill with Autogas/LPG you are saving money against the price of exchanging a bottle each time it runs out (i.e Calor or FloGas).

Unlike a rental exchange bottle where you have to disconnect your bottle from the system and exchange it in store, the Gaslow LPG refillable cylinders are a fitted system that use a fill point on the side of your vehicle or mounted safely. This means that you do not have to remove the bottles from your system to fill.

The Gaslow LPG refillable cylinder has a market leading Rotarex Multivalve. In this, there is an automatic 80% overfill protection when filling, a mechanical contents gauge, excess flow in case of hose rupture for safety and a built in bronze filter stopping contamination entering your gas system.

To fill the Gaslow LPG refillable system, drive to the LPG pump, connect the hose to the filler point on your vehicle and press the button on the side of the pump to dispense the gas. The Gaslow Rotarex multivalve detects when the cylinder is 80% full and will stop the pump off thanks to the automatic 80% overfill protection.

We stock 2.7kg, 6kg and 11kg Gaslow LPG refillable cylinders in both a number 1 and a number 2 type. Based on our experience of fitting these cylinders in the workshop, we have single and twin cylinder kits in all sizes to make your installation as easy as possible! The filling point supplied with each kit is the standard UK bayonet fitting, if you are planning on going abroad please see our set of 3 European adapters!

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