Safefill Cylinders

We are now stockists of the lightweight, refillable Safefill cylinders. We have small (5kg), medium (7.5kg) and large (10kg). Each time you fill the refillable gas bottle with Autogas/LPG you are saving money against the price of exchanging a bottle each time it runs out (i.e Calor or FloGas).

These new refillable gas bottles feature:

  • Automatic overfill prevention device.
  • Additional back-check valve if you accidentally forget to close the valve after filling
  • Tamper-proof fittings which only allow gas to exit when connected to an appliance.

Safefill Cylinders are subjected to extensive testing including; cycle testing, extreme temperature testing, long term ageing tests and static load fatigue tests. As with all pressure vessels, it is recommended that the cylinders have a 10-year life span and should be replaced after this time.

Please remember the first fill rule!
5kg cylinder – fill to 6L max.
7.5kg cylinder – fill to 10L max.
10kg cylinder – fill to 15L max.

Safefill Cylinder Instruction Leaflet

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