2.7kg Gaslow Cylinder Kit With Single Locker Box


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Ideal for the self built camper van conversions. This complete kit includes:
1x 2.7kg R67 Gaslow Cylinder (approximate 4.6ltr @ 80% of usable gas)
1x 2.7kg Single Gas Locker Box
1x Sill Filler Complete
1x 1.5m Straight to Straight Rubber Fill Hose
1x Beige Pipe Floor Seal
1x 450mm Rubber Pigtail
1x 8mm Cavagna Regulator
1x 8mm Lever Ball Valve
10m x Bare 8mm Copper Pipe
10x 8mm Pipe Clips with Screw

The R67 approved cylinders include a special multi-valve which automatically shuts off the gas when 80% capacity is reached – preventing dangerous overfilling. The gas locker is suitable for 2.7kg exchange bottles or cylinders of the same size 2.7kg for fixed refillable bottles. Made from mild steel with rubber seal to create a sealed box with a detachable front cover for easy access. The box is finished in high quality black powder coating and there is enough space to add your gas regulator and hoses inside. The locker box complies with COP402 test for fire resistance of 20 minutes.

The locker box dimensions are:
430mm High
290mm Deep (including 20mm for the door latch knobs)
280mm Wide

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