Campingaz 907 First Cylinder and Gas (Collection Only)


The CAMPINGAZ 907 cylinders are available for collection only.
Each cylinder holds 2.72kg of gas of butane.
Manufacturers part number: 3000004870
Dimensions: 203mm diameter by 235mm height
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Campingaz cylinders are the perfect option for a wide range of applications, including; camping, motorhomes, caravans and boats. By being exchangeable at 14,000 locations across Europe alone, it makes using this cylinders easy where ever you are. Just take back your empty and exchange for a full cylinder for just the price of a refill.
The Campingaz 907 cylinders are checked and refilled by Campingaz, with the primary concern being the safety of the consumer. The saftey valve inside the cylinder means you can detach the regulator after use without losing any gas.
The hose and regulator to connect to your stove are sold separately. The regulators have an excess flow valve meaning the flow of gas will automatically stop should hose become detached or cut from the stove.
The cylinder has a plug and carry handle that can be used to safely transport and store when not in use.

This sale is for the first purchase of a Campingaz 907 cylinders, once the cylinder has been used you can exchange the bottle for just the price of the refill;
Campingaz 907 Refill – Autogas 2000 Leisure Ltd (

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