Campingaz Twin Connection


The Campingaz® Twin Connection will increase your fuel options by allowing you to connect either a 907, 904 or CV470 cylinder to selected Campingaz® products.

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The Campingaz® Twin Connection will increase your fuel options by allowing selected Campingaz® refillable gas cylinder-powered double burner stoves, grills and table-top barbecues to also be powered by a Campingaz® CV470 Plus cartridge through a single regulator and hose. It achieves this by having both the Campingaz® refillable gas cylinder screw connection and the Campingaz® Easy Clic Plus cartridge connection as a single unit. Either connection can be used to power the device, however, only one fuel source can be connected at any one time, preventing excessive gas flow.

  • Combines both Campingaz® Refillable cylinder screw connection and Campingaz® Easy Clic Plus connection
  • Safety feature allows only one fuel source to be connected at any time, preventing excessive gas flow
  • Refillable cylinder connection features an innovative rotating collar and screw thread, simplifying connection to the cylinder
  • Gas hose and regulator included with two steel connector clips
  • Compatible with the following Campingaz Stoves: Base Camp, Camping Chef Folding Double Burner & Toaster, Camping Chef DLX Stainless Infrared, Camping Kitchen 2 Double Burner, Camping Kitchen 2 Grill & Go, Party Grill 400, 360 Grill Iron Grey, Attitude 2go


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