Cavagna Crash Protection Wall Mounted Auto Changeover Solenoid Regulator


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This unit is very unique and only made for the leisure market.
The unit consists of a gas regulator 30mb with a maximum flow rate of 1.5 kg/hr with habitation test point an isolation built in. Fitted directly to this a special habitation solenoid to isolate the gas at the regulator.
A special ECU harness comes with this to connect the gas solenoid to the crash sensing ECU. This ECU can be mounted inside the vehicle flat to the floor and controls the solenoid operation via a habitation mounted remote switch and harness with status indicator fitted. The ECU monitors its feed from the leisure battery and monitors the voltage to keep current draw at around 30mA to the solenoid making this system a leisure battery friendly.
The system monitors the vehicle and any sudden impact (accident) and will shut the gas supply off. It will also shut the gas system off in the event of any tilt of the vehicle in excess of 57 degrees.
Remote indication is showing on the multi-display LED as to the system status.
This unit when fitted to one of our tanks or range of gas cylinder complies with EN1949 and is manufactured only for motor-home and leisure applications. This means that under EU directive for vehicles from 01/2007 you can operate the heating while on the move but please check for clarification of this.
Solenoid cable is 4 mtr long and comes with pre installed plug direct onto the crash sensing ECU.
Technical data:
Gas type : Liqified gas – propane / butane
Inlet port: M201x1.5 male
Outlet port: 8mm gas pipe on compression fitting.
Outlet pressure: 30mbar
Flow Rate: 1.5kg/hr
Power Consumption: <1A for approx . 1 second during opening of the valve <30mA (0.36W) during operation.
Solenoid valve: closed in de-energised state, class A to EN161, suited for gasses of gas group 1, 2 and 3.
Approvals: The CPU has been tested by “ KraftfahrtBundesamt” ( federal office of motor transport) for its suitability fo use in motor vehicles and approved and marked with the EC type approval sign e1 03 4859

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