GOK External Gas Supply Bottle Back Up Extend a Stay

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External Gas Supply Bottle Back Up / Extend-a-stay with German/butane to UK propane Easy-fit adapter.

This system is the only BSEN1949:2011+A1:2013 compliant kit available on the market with its first stage regulator making it far safer than other cylinder connection methods.

The external gas supply bottle back up is for caravans and motorhomes and is ideal for the longer stays or simply to run on an external gas bottle where allowed to do so. The kit will suit continental propane bottles as well as UK bottles with an adapter. The kit is easy to install to most vehicles and comes with a special one way quick snap in connection and hose which can then be fitted through the supplied regulator to the country specific bottle.

The kit comes with a special pigtail W20 adapter valve which allows the user to switch between on-board gas supply or external supply but never both at once. A 2 mtr external hose connects to the 0.5bar gas regulator on the bottle with built in rupture protection for extra safety. The system will supply 0.5bar regulated gas supply into the existing vehicle regulator which will further reduce gas pressure to 30mb / 50mb gas pressure for the caravan motor home gas equipment.

Please enquire for alternative fitting arrangements for installation.

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