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Safefill refillable lpg cylinders were designed to be safe, convenient to refill, lightweight and portable.
If your leisure vehicle uses a standard Calor style cylinder then this cylinder does not require your regulator hose to be replaced.
Refill your Safefill refillable LPG cylinder at a fraction of the cost of a rental cylinder replacement.



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Safefill refillable lpg cylinders were designed to be safe, convenient to refill, lightweight and portable for your leisure vehicle.

All the safety issues identified by the industry were looked into and Safefill developed this product that’s so easy to use, has no complicated hoses or attachments and could not be incorrectly used. The Safefill refillable LPG gas cylinder has an internal Overfill Protection Device (OPD), a secondary check valve in case you forget to close the on/off valve and tamper-proof fittings that mean gas can only come out of the cylinder when it is attached to an appliance or regulator.
All three bottles from Safefill are also significantly lighter than standard LPG cylinders.

There is nothing complicated about a Safefill refillable LPG gas cylinder and comes in three sizes to allow fitment to a wide variety of leisure vehicles. The Safefill translucent bottle allows you to see how much gas is left – so no more estimating, and the automatic overfill protection device cut the filling of LPG when 80% is reached, ensuring complete safety.
Another advantage of a Safefill bottle, is that you are the owner and can fill whenever required. Where as if you rent a Calor bottle, you never own it and will pay high gas prices when a refill is required. When you have used some gas in your Safefill cylinder you simply top up as required.
You can fill from empty or just top up before leaving for your holiday or that last minute weekend away.

Height – 583mm

Diameter – 310mm

Empty Weight – 5.6kg

LPG Capacity at 80% max fill level – 19.5 litres

Propane Capacity – 10kg

A standard Propane screw-type regulator, or a Propane pigtail is all that is required to connect the Safefill refillable LPG gas cylinder to your leisure vehicle. The Safefill cylinder has the same POL fitting as the standard Calor propane type cylinder.

To have a look at our cylinder comparisons table with weights and specifications please click the link below:
Refillable LPG Cylinder Comparison information

When filling the cylinder for the FIRST TIME it is
important to limit the fill to the following amounts:
5kg cylinder- fill to 6L max.
7.5kg cylinder- fill to 10L max.
10kg cylinder- fill to 15L max

Additional information

Weight5.6 kg


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