VW T5/T6 16Ltr Caratank Domestic Under-floor LPG kit


The T5/T6 kit comes complete with: –
1x 16Ltr Caratank with Valves & tank box
1x Pair of purpose designed tank mounting frame
1x Pair VW T5 mounting brackets
1x Rubber strip (between tank and frame)
1x Fitting kit for Frames (chassis spaces ETC)
1x 1.5mtr filler hose
1x Sill square box filler with bracket
1x LED switched gauge and sender
1x 750mm Stainless Steel pigtail
1x 30mbr Regulator
1x Documentation

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VW T5/T6 16Ltr Underfloor Caratank Kit

Tank location is between the rear suspension arms just in front of the spare wheel. Please note that this will not suit 4×4 drive trains and other vans with exhaust route through the centre location. Suitable for other chassis weight T5/T6 versions, please contact (info@autogas.co.uk) us for further details.
Our underfloor tank mounting cradles are now fully dipped and electroplated. This ensures that the electroplating goes fully inside the cradle to give the best corrosion protection possible. In line with the current industry guidelines, the underfloor LPG tank and its mountings when installed should be further treated with a suitable spray on anti-stone chip paint.
The tank is secured by using purpose designed tank brackets, that has been designed by Autogas 2000 Leisure Ltd with collaboration with CAD designers. These British-made cradles are laser cut and folded to offer a mounting for any of our 200mm diameter gas tanks under floor.
The design has been checked and an in house certification is applied after confirmation from an engineering consultant to confirm that the cradle exceeds current recommendation for under floor tank mounting through mathematical calculations.
The cradles are then bolted to a mounting frame that allows the frame to the bolted through the chassis making for easy install. This fixing also allows the tank to simply be lifted into position during install and can in later life be simply removed for any service type of work that may be required. Rubber insulation is also used between the tank and mounting frame to further protect the tank from corrosion build up between the two surfaces.
Various tank regulators are available either direct, remote or crash sensing (standard 30mbr regulator with stainless steel pigtail included).
A led gauge is included in this kit, which gives a clear dashboard reading of the gas amount from inside the van.
Choice of remote fill point are available to suit various van applications but pictures the sill filler with bracket is supplied in this kit unless we are otherwise advised

16ltr LPG Vapour Tank specifications: –
Measurements – 200mm x 585mm
Tank Weight empty – 12.9kg
LPG in litres @ 80% – 12.8ltr
LPG in kg @ 80% – 6.4kg

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