Refillable Gas Cylinders

Gaslow Refillable Steel Leisure Gas Cylinders

Gaslow fixed refillable cylinders or well proven and been on the market for a number of years.

Offering a range of three bottle size so there is a choice even for the smallest motorhome or caravan.

The cylinders are purpose made for install into the existing gas locker box and offer a clear to read indicator that can be seen from the side as well as above. Float activated overfill protection along with built in rupture protection complete with  the later R67-01 multivalve assembly.

Please click on the PDF’s below for further information and specifications sheet with measurements.

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UKLPG Factsheet Owner Refillable Bottles
Gaslow 2.7kg Refillable LPG Cylinder
Gaslow 6kg Refillable LPG Cylinder
Gaslow 11kg Refillable LPG Cylinder

Alu-Gas Refillable Aluminium Leisure Gas Cylinders

The new MV Alugas cylinders from has only one Multi Valve which incorporates all the valves in one cluster. instead of the three individual valves like earlier cylinders.
Each Alugas cylinder Multi Valve range has a unique safety valve setup which limits the cylinder filling to 80% through the action of a float activated over fill protection device activated by the LPG liquid level inside.
The Alugas MV cylinder also incorporates in the gas off take valve a rupture protection (excess flow device) as a further safety feature which replaces the need for special “rupture protection” pigtails with this valve fitted to them. This allows for safe travel with gas turned on and, in some cases, where allowed, operate the vehicles heating while driving.

Alugas 11Kg Aluminium LPG Cylinder
UKLPG Factsheet Owner Refillable Bottles
Alugas MV Lightweight 11kg Cylinder CE Approved
Alugas MV Lightweight 14kg Cylinder CE Aproved

Refillable LPG solutions for the Motorhome

Autogas Leisure offer unique refillable gas options for the leisure market taking the effort out of handling or exchanging gas bottles while touring. Whether it is a trade enquiry for a manufacturer, or an end user installation in our Thirsk workshops we have a refreshing approach to your LPG storage requirements.