Refillable Gas Tanks

Refillable Gas Tanks

Specially made steel gas tanks used for the specific purpose of filling with liquid LPG but allowing feeding of vapour LPG for domestic purposes.

These tanks employ many safety features in their design and are ideal for location under floor of vehicles where there is adequate space.

The liquid gas used inside the gas tank can be obtained through the network of gas refilling station used throughout Europe for running cars on gas.

A unique set of safety valves ensure safe filling or top up of the liquid gas amount to the recommended 80% of the tank capacity allowing a safe working area inside for vapour withdrawal and liquid gas expansion with heat.

The fill point for the gas tank must be mounted external on the outside of the vehicle through either a panel side (preferred) or can be mounted on a small bracket ideal for mounting on vehicle bumper or tow bar.

The tank is usually mounted under floor in a safe working area with in the vehicle chassis. We have specially made tank mounting frames or cradles made to suit a number of favourite vehicle chassis as well as been able to offer universal tank mounting kits, frames and straps that can be custom built to the vehicle chassis.

Options of various remote and direct regulators can be fitted to the gas tank under floor offering the latest crash sensing along with drive with gas turned on functions.

Remote reading LED gauges complete the list of extras and give an in vehicle readout of the tank liquid gas contents.

There are regulations and codes of practice in place for the safe fitting of under floor tank and these are covered in the following documents:

  • European regulation BSEN 1949
  • European regulation R6701 (LPG vehicles)
  • NCC Codes of practise 306 ” Fixed refillable system for habitation purposes”
  • UKLPG Code of Practise 11 “Autogas”

Download our PDF datasheet for our Refillable Caratank Gas Tanks.

Caratank Underfloor Tanks (8kg to 46kg)

Refillable LPG solutions for the Motorhome

Autogas Leisure offer unique refillable gas options for the leisure market taking the effort out of handling or exchanging gas bottles while touring. Whether it is a trade enquiry for a manufacturer, or an end user installation in our Thirsk workshops we have a refreshing approach to your LPG storage requirements.