Self Build Camper Components

Once you have found the base vehicle you wish to convert you will need to have a floor plan, normally two or three layouts or even more! once you have decided on your final layout you then need to think about what components you add, like heating, hot water storage, solar power, gas tank or cylinders etc.

We can help you once you have your floor plan by talking you through the components you would ideally need as one van is different to the next! some opt for under floor hot water storage others will opt for in vehicle space heaters, so each vehicle is different.

Below are the products that are commonly fitted to camper van conversions.

If you have an questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Under Floor LPG Gas Tanks

So under floor LPG gas tanks can often be called underslung LPG gas tanks as they are mounted under the vehicle in specially created carrying hoops that bolt through the floor or chassis rails, keeping  the tank secure under the vehicle. 

This option utilises space that is not normally used so is a good idea if you have a vehicle that can accept an under floor gas tank as this will leave more room in the vehicle for cupboards and storage.

The Under floor LPG gas tank comprises of many components to enable the supply of gas to the vehicle appliances, which we can put together for you as a kit.

Don’t forget, we don’t just sell the products, we also install these LPG tanks in our workshop to vehicle’s on a daily basis so we have a vast knowledge.

If your unsure or have any questions just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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Refillable LPG Gas Cylinders

Refillable LPG Gas cylinders are very simular to your standard rental cylinders from the likes of FloGas or Calor Gas. The main difference is that the refillable cylinders have the facility built in to refill at any LPG filling station by means of a safety device that shut the fill off at 80%. Standard rental cylinders do not have this facility built in hence why you exchange them.

Refillable LPG Cylinders come in may sizes to allow fitment to most installations and vehicle appliance requirement’s. For example, if your camper van is only going to have a twin gas hob and no other gas appliances fitted then you would only require a small gas cylinder like the Gaslow 2.7kg. If on the other hand your camper van conversion is going to have gas hob, water heater and heating all running from gas then you would opt for the larger size cylinders like an Alugas 11kg cylinder or the Gaslow 11kg cylinder, you can even double the capacity by linking two 11kg cylinders together to give you 22kg of LPG, room permitting of course.

Filling cylinders is via a filling hose that is connected to an external filler point and the cylinder. Simply pull up at an LPG station, connect the filler nozzle to the filler point and start filling. 

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Solar Panel Kits

So you have worked out your floor plan and build spec, now you have to think about how you are going to power your sockets, usb charging points, Mifi units etc. 

The most common way is to run your appliances either on 12v or 230 volt. if you are going to run 230 volt then you can use a 12 volt lithium or lead acid battery set up then run through an inverter which will give you your 230 volts supply, that said you have to taylor your battery pack and inverter size to your demands. Alternatively you can run 12 volt appliances from your leisure battery with a small converter to run say usb charging points, most of which have the converter already built in, even 12 volt sockets if you have 12 volt appliances, for example a television that can run from mains or 12 volt power supply. 

Most battery systems will have a mains charging unit fitted as well so you can charge the batteries from mains when the sun is not giving you what you require.

Having a solar panel or panels fitted to the vehicle roof gives the batteries charge from the sunshine, so clean and cheap energy without the need to plug into a camping site mains supply. 

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Water Heaters & Space Heaters

During your planning you probably was asking yourself how do I get hot water into the vehicle and how do I heat the vehicle in the colder months. Simply use one of the compact water heaters or space heaters. 

So starting with the water heaters you have the Whale units which offer an under floor version or an in vehicle version of the water heater. The units available in the range run on gas or gas and electric depending on the model you chose.

The IMAS heater is mounted on the side of the vehicle which also incorporates the air inlet and exhaust and runs of of gas but not mains electric.

Moving onto the heating of the vehicle, there are many ways this can be done safely from a propex Heat Source heater which is available in different output powers so you can choose the correct heater for the size of vehicle and again these units run on gas. 

The propex units are also available in underfloor mounting and internal mounting units, giving you more freedom of where to mount and possible space saving.

Building a camper van?  

Have you decided on your layout?

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wheel arch water tank

Fresh and Waste Water Tanks

Most camper van conversions require a fresh water tank, which in turn will probably require a waste water tank. 

We can supply vehicle specific fresh and waste water tanks which are moulded into specific shapes to enable fitment round external chassis  outriggers or even internal water tanks that sit over or around the rear wheel arches.

Tank sizes are in litres and the wheel arch tanks and under floor mounted tanks that are a standard rectangular shape are not vehicle specific and can be used on vehicles where there is space. 

Have a measure under your vehicle and you may be surprised at what size standard tank can be fitted. Tank fitting kits are also available along with fittings and hoses.   

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